group photo of the partners present at the m4mining kickoff meeting with a view of the mountains around Bergen, Norway in the background

Innovative, Creative, and Thorough

Our consortium covers the complete value chain from hardware suppliers, system integrators, classification software companies, leading research institutes in relevant methods and applications, and stakeholders in case study technology validation.

If you have any questions regarding the project or team, reach out to

Agnar Sivertsen NORCE

UAS platform, real time data processing and visualization, NORCE

Robert Michael Clarke NORCE

Administrative project manager, NORCE

from Matthew de Livera found on Unsplash

Scientific coordinator, NORCE

Hyspex hyperspectra drone seen against the blue background of the sky flying above the viewer.

Sigurd Løkse

Real time data processing and visualization, NORCE

Thomas Johansen NORCE m4mining

UAS platform, real time data processing and visualization, NORCE

from Matthew de Livera found on Unsplash

UAS platform, real time data processing and visualization, NORCE

Robert Michael Clarke NORCE

Arlene Åsheim

Financial controller, NORCE

Axel Fredrik Bohman NEO HySpex

Development Manager-Systems, NEO

Friederike Koerting NEO HySpex

Hyperspectral Geological Application Expert, NEO

Kai Hugo HySpex

Principal Software Developer, NEO

Lars Lierstuen NEO HySpex


Trond Loeke NEO HySpex


Andreas Paulsen NEO HySpex

Andreas Werner Paulsen

Senior Software Engineer, NEO

Julio Hernandez NEO m4mining

Hyperspectral Applications Manager, NEO

Na Liu HySpex

Hyperspectral Application Specialist, NEO

Constantin Hildebrand HySpex

Hyperspectral Application Engineer, NEO

Niels Christian Moen, HySpex m4mining

Niels Christian Moen

UAV Specialist, NEO

Dennis Adamek HySpex

Dennis Adamek

Research Scientist, NEO

Saied Asadzadeh GFZ

Research Scientist, GFZ

Andreas Vidman Prediktera



David Lindblom Prediktera

Application Specialist

Ioulia Georgiadou Gavrilovic MOA GSD

Ioulia Georgiadou Gavrilovic

Geologist, MOA

Andreas Zissimos MOA GSD

Geochemist, MOA

Kleopas Hadjicharalambous MOA GSD

Kleopas Hadjicharalambous

Geological Officer, MOA

iron surface, Hamersley Province, Australia from the USGS on unsplash

Dimitrios Paliatsas


Steven Micklethwaite UQ m4mining

Resourcing Decarbonisation and Compley Ore Bodies, UQ

Katerina Savinova UQ

BRC Research Fellow, UQ

Anita-Parbhakar-Fox m4mining UQ

Group Leader Mine Waste Transformation through Characterization, UQ

Nikodem Ryback m4mining UQ

SMI Research Fellow, UQ

Peter Erskine UQ m4mining

Centre for Mine Land Rehabilitation, UQ

Kathie Cato UQ m4mining

Business Manager, UQ

Daniel Schlaepfer ReSe

Imaging Spectroscopy Scientist and Owner of ReSe

Joel Raebsamen ReSe

Software Developer, ReSe

Simon Trim ReSe

Research Scientist, ReSe